The presence of sash windows in a house gives it such a traditional and stylish look that many homeowners look for houses with sash windows. But it is often the case that the modern day homeowners fail to properly maintain theses type of windows as they lack the knowledge about traditional windows and, as a result, end up having a house with broken sash window. But do you know that there are a few easy maintenance tricks that can add more life to your sash windows? Well, if not, then consider giving this article a read. It talks about five effective maintenance tips that can help you with maintaining the longevity of your favorite sash windows.

4 Maintenance Tips to Save You from Getting a Broken Sash Window

Check for Wear or Rot

It is often seen that the wooden slash windows end up showing symptoms of rotting,Check for Wear or Rot if not maintained properly. So, try to have a regular checking of whether your sash windows have undergone any kind of wear or damage due to continuous opening or closing or have been subjected to any kind of rotting or not, to prevent them from becoming totally non-functional.


Paint Them Regularly

You may find it odd that painting the sash windows can get rid of the risk of broken sash window! Though it may seem odd, but painting your windows from time to time can actually save them from becoming prone to breakage or timber deterioration. Painting your sash windows once in a while cannot only make them look new and enhance the appearance of your house but can also work as an extra protection shield on the outer layer of the windows to prevent the sunlight or harsh weather damage the timber material of it.

Stop Them from Sticking

Very often many people paint the windows but don’t take further care of it, forcing the windows to stick with each other. You must remember that sash windows are meant to operate smoothly. Therefore, if you have to push it or force it to open or close every time, it may turn into a broken sash window, the last thing that you want. So make sure that even if you have a messy paint job on your sash windows, you scrap the paint off from its functional areas, such as the hardware parts, the frame, the window seals, etc., with sharp objects like a knife.

Oil Your Windows

Do you oil your windows regularly? If not, then make it a habit to do, as regular oiling can help your sash windows to smoothly function, no matter how old they get. Rubbing oil or wax into the hinges, the pulley area, the interiors and the frame can not only help in keeping your sash window in a perfectly functional condition but can also save you from the trouble of aggressively trying to open the blocked sash windows.

The sash windows are one such example of timeless beauty and traditional style that makes the appearance of a house much more impressive while adding an ultra-modern look to it. Therefore, try to carefully follow the above-mentioned maintenance tips to make sure that your dream house doesn’t end up having an incomplete look with broken sash window in it.