Trust us and you will not be disappointed.  We aim to deliver only the best quality sash window repair service and with years of experience we have the right skill to deliver you exactly what you are looking for. At Original Sash Repairs we aim to keep the original looks of the window aswell.

First of all we will cover up your room floor and furniture-as you probably know there will be some dust involved 🙂

We then will take your window out of the frame

The timber is being restored back to its natural and original state, all the rotten wood gets changed, then we fill it up with wood filler, seal it from outside to stop any water from getting in , strenghthen the whole frame,routing and trimming done to level up uneven sashes,weight adjustment is done ,box repaired if needed, sanding down to take out all the possible imperfections,change all cords/springs,locks/safety restrictors theh we fix draught proof brushes all around the top and bottom sash and finally we use the best quality undercoat/primer and  paint to cover it and give the sash window a new look from the outside and the inside. A timber window fixed by Original Sash Repairs will last for many years.Done by

What it takes to get the best deal on window replacement costs

Making replacements on your premises is disputably no easy task especially when it comes to important installations like windows. These undertakings require some resources and it certainly won’t come cheap. However, the amount you spend on replacing your windows will largely be determined by: the number of windows requiring replacement and the company you settle for. Therefore, it is important that you find a window company that will cut you the best deal. After all, reducing the size of the project will not provide a long term solution as compared to finding a company that will give great discounts. Read more

A job of proffesionals

Repairing your windows is definitely an important undertaking. And the decision to do the replacements will largely be determined by various factors. On the other hand, the window replacement service provider will charge you according to the magnitude of work. For instance, your property might be very huge and require replacement for all windows. This will require a high number of staff and a considerable period of time to complete the replacement exercise. Such exercise will inflate the sash window repair costs thus causing you to spend more. But with the right company, you shouldn’t worry about breaking the bank in order to meet the costs.

Finding the right company to conduct the window replacement exercise will go a long way in determining the cost of replacement of the windows. Fortunately, original sash repairs is a one-of-a-kind company that believes in providing affordable services without regarding their status or affiliations. This means that the cost of windows replacement will be reasonable and within your budget range. In addition, we will provide you with the most appropriate advice that will enable you cut in cists when searching for the best pieces to be used during the replacement exercise.

Discounts of sash window repair

Sash window repair costs on a huge property are no doubt a very expensive affair. Therefore, you should consider looking for a service provider who can offer discounts. Discounts will come in handy in enabling you to save a significant amount of money. We provide great discounts on various types of projects and it is the magnitude of your replacement project that will determine how much discount you enjoy.

Window replacements will give your home a new appealing look but it won’t come cheap. For that reason, it is important that you enlist the services of a company that will charge reasonable rates for window replacement. Be sure to make us your company of choice and you are assured of getting value for your money and save a good amount!